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things i should know how to do

Before the age of 13, your child should know how to do their own laundry, pick up after themselves, and clean the kitchen. Middle school is also a great time to start teaching them how to cook basic meals for themselves and other members of the family . ... More

how to fix error variable was not declared

Introduction. Some older programs can return errors in the new version of the MQL4 of compiler. To avoid critical completion of programs, the previous version compiler handled many errors in … ... More

how to get the egg of the bear in fe

1/09/2018 · Unfortunately, there is a monthly fee to use the network and that is why I have made this instructional video. All so you can know how to get Free PS Plus in 2018! All so you can know how to get ... More

how to fix samsung 2017 tv internet connection issue

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 WiFi Problem by William Kruse 0 Posted in Galaxy Note 5 Tips and Tricks Some people are having problems obtaining the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to connect with a specified Wi-Fi network, probably may work for a different network. ... More

how to get a background on your keyboard

Supplying over 70 pre-defined keyboard skins, the virtual on-screen keyboard allows you to create, customize and configure a unique new keyboard to your personal liking. Adjust colors and gamma, assign unique sounds to groups of keys, set shape of the keys and choose your own background. ... More

how to get off a group text message

Group items manually or create a custom group On the View menu, in the Current View group, click Change View , and then click Save Current View As a New View . Type a … ... More

microsoft catalyst control center how to find

So I have a legacy Radeon HD 4650 graphics card and I upgraded to Windows 10. Now the CCC is gone from the notifications bar and I tried to find the CCC .exe in my files but it's not there. ... More

how to get your super back mygov

1/07/2017 · Members will be able to view their transfer balance account via myGov.gov.au, via your ATO account. If you are seeking assistance from an SMSF Specialist Advisor to lodge a transfer balance account report (TBAR) they will require a copy of your transfer balance account. ... More

sas how to get predicted values

16/05/2017 · Hello, My dataset contains some observations which has missing values for dependent variable(s), independent variable, or both. After I estimate the model, I would like to get predicted values even for the observations with missing observations in some of the variables. ... More

how to get your period early in a day

15/09/2014 · www.induswomen.com 12 Natural Foods To Get Early Periods Every woman wishes to prepone or postpone her periods at some point or the other time in her life due to various reasons. ... More

error in printing how to fix

Hopefully you should now be able to print again! As with any troubleshooting advice, if you’re still having a problem then you should check your printer manual and contact your manufacturer for further help. ... More

how to find out your crn anz

Move money between your ANZ accounts including your ANZ credit cards, and make payments to your ANZ KiwiSaver or ANZ Floating Rate Home Loan. Check your transactions View and download up to 24 months of transactions from your ANZ everyday, savings and loan accounts. ... More

how to fix weak nails

Erin says each time you do this, a layer of your nail is simultaneously removed, leaving them thin and weak. One-time offenders probably don't have to worry, but over time you could leave your nails so thin they can't even support gel polish. Uh oh. ... More

how to get the most views on youtube

22/11/2007 · All six videos made it into the top 5 Most Viewed of the Day, and the two that went truly viral (1.5 million views each) were #1 and #2 Most Viewed of … ... More

earthbound how to find paula

PAULA TOOHEY PTY LTD is located in DALBY QLD 4405. Need to know more? Purchase a CreditorWatch Credit Report and ASIC Company Extract today. Need to know more? Purchase a CreditorWatch Credit Report and ASIC Company Extract today. ... More

how to find water in the bush

Water lily: Found all over the top end in freshwater lagoons, swamps, billabongs, and slow moving waterways, water lilies are a common source of food. The tubers can be eaten raw or roasted, and are thought to help ease the symptoms of diarrhea. Just watch out for crocs when foraging! ... More

how to get an eos address

Unregistered Token Holders - Create an EOS Account. Brought to you by EOS Authority and EOS Argentina This is for the 10.7% of the EOS token holders that did not register and did not have fallback applied on their account. ... More

how to get away with murder eve

Eve (Famke Janssen) returns in Season 2, episode 7 of ABC's "How To Get Away With Murder" to defend Nate (Billy Brown, not pictured) in the murder of his wife. ... More

how to get powerpoint to work on mac

The Mac Viewer is effectively the same as PowerPoint 98 (Mac) without VBA, so the PowerPoint 97 (Windows) and PowerPoint 98 (Mac) viewers are roughly identical. The Mac Viewer runs only under Mac OS 9 and earlier or in Classic mode, meaning that they no longer work at all in modern versions of MacOS X. There's no later Mac viewer version. ... More

how to lose weight with cinnamon and lemon

To lose weight, you should eat a variety of food groups, limit junk food, and consume appropriate portions. Additionally, exercise that includes both cardio and strength-training should be a regular part of your exercise plan. ... More

how to get dismissed from jury duty

Using deafness to be dismissed from Jury Duty, get a free fast pass at Disney World and avoid getting a speeding ticket are examples of pulling out a "deaf card." When one plays the “deaf card” to receive special treatments or to be excused just simply because one does not want to do a specific task is unethical. This article explains the ... More

how to get started in gta online

Many GTA V players are not aware of How To Access or Start Doomsday Heist in GTA Online. GTA V Patch 1.26 adds Doomsday Heist to GTA Online, a specific task has to be done to start … ... More

how to get wurst premium alts

Full free premium accounts daily updates. 25,279 likes · 59 talking about this. Daily Rapidgator, Uptobox, Turbobit, etc... Premium Accounts. ... More

how to keep asian beetles out of the house

Asian lady beetles are originally from Asia, but have since become established through much of the U.S. and Canada. While gardeners appreciate the Asian beetles' ability to control plant pests such as aphids, the beetles can also be undesirable. Large populations of Asian lady beetles can disrupt the natural ecology of an area, especially when they compete with native insects for food. They ... More

how to fix desktop icons to the positions

This isn't terrible to the point where I'm frustrated, but it is rather annoying. Every time I open a game, doesn't matter what game, my desktop icons move all over the place. ... More

how to get dog from rusiia to aus

Origin. A herding dog in northern Russia, the Samoyed acquired the name after the nomadic tribe it served. They were also used to guard the reindeer that they herded. ... More

how to find porn passwords

23/11/2011 · way5(this is more on how to find site that give xxx password) search on google for toplist or directory for xxx paassword search on blogsearch.google.com for xxx password blog ... More

how to know monitor resolution

Use the drop-down menu or slider next to Resolution (XP calls it Screen Resolution) to pick a different resolution setting. In most circumstances, the best choice is 800 by 600 pixels or 1024 by 768 pixels , possibly higher if you're using a 19-inch or larger monitor. ... More

how to get a king charles spaniel in nintendogs

22/08/2005 · Unlockable How to Unlock; Beagle: Collect 2000 Owner Points: Cavalier king Charles Spaniel: Collect 14000 Owner Points: Jack Russel Terrier: While on a walk, your dog may come across an Item called the Jack Russel Book. ... More

how to export google keep notes

I just tried on my phone. (Android). On the phone I mark a note and send it - In keep I get several options so I chose to send to One Note. Worked OK for the two notes I have tried so far. ... More

how to get over an ex boyfriend you truly loved

And if you truly want to know how to win your ex boyfriend back, you have drown out that voice. In fact, that voice is precisely why you need to give your ex a bit of breathing room after a breakup. You have to get your head on straight first if you want to get your man back.You need to kick the desperation and your ex needs to have some time and space to start missing you. ... More

how to get rid of bad back pain

Causes of back pain Back ache can be caused by a number of reasons. While your back pain could be caused by a serious medical condition, the most common causes include lifting heavy things, bad sitting and standing posture, a lumpy mattress that offers poor back support, a strenuous workout at the gym and, guess what, even smoking! ... More

how to get gta5 on android

After you get install the latest apk for gta 5 android, you will be on second step and near to play the game. Soo the gameplay start as after you install it. You can play with among your friends, you can play online entering your friends username or play via blueetoth if you are inside the same room. ... More

how to get komodo payout

Minimum Payout: Minimums are typically set low enough to ensure the average miner will get a daily payout. It’s worth finding out what the minimum is though, because you really don’t want to wait a month to receive your payout. ... More

how to get rid of jock itch forever

Jock itch basics Other types of skin fungal infections commonly cause damage to the hair, skin, and nail; but jock itch is a bit different and serious. Jock itch is medically known as tinea cruris and is caused by the fungus Trichophyton rubrum. ... More

how to find out your steam id

Im trying to find someone who sent a virus to me and hacked my account. It's fair to say that this doesnt fucking work. It's fair to say that this doesnt fucking work. PekosGamingYT_GB 9. ... More

how to end your period sooner

3 Ways to Induce a Period - wikiHow. Wikihow.com Reader Approved How to Induce a Period. Three Methods: Trying Unverified Home Remedies Making Lifestyle Changes Finding the Underlying Cause Community Q&A There are many reasons why you may want your period to start sooner. ... More

how to give a partition more space

What to be do to add space to already created partition.Suppose I had create a new volume/partition using this above concept but I want to allocate this newly created memory to any partition like splitting from 1 partition & merging to any partition like c:,D: or any other drive..then what is the procedure to do it..If I want to add this newly created partiotion without formatting but want to ... More

how to get a nexus card fast

How fast can I get a Nexus card? We receive thousands of applications every week. If you would like us to prioritize your paperwork, please use the Premium Service and we will ensure that your information is submitted to CBP with a priority over the regular applicants. ... More

how to get cemu to auto load controllers

4/12/2008 · There are blogs you can google for to get the full instructions.. If you have any trouble let me know and I'll dig out the info. If you have any trouble let me know and I'll dig out the info. Working a treat with the DLL hack apart from the d-pad which I think is just a matter of config.. ... More

how to get sonic lost world pc for free

Sonic Lost World first came out in October 2013 as an exclusive title for the Wii U and 3DS. On November 2, little over a week ago, they came out with a PC version. ... More

how to find a bookmark through my files

I can’t get my files from Windows 7 or my favorites. Even when I put new favorites in, I can’t find them afterward. There is no list that I can find. Nothing imports right. I paid over $100 for software to move my files and can’t make that work. I absolutely HATE that I wasted my money on this Microsoft product! I will never never never recommend a Microsoft product to anyone again, EVER!. ... More

how to get a vendors license in ohio

... More

fallout 4 how to get preston to like you again

That’s when he noticed that, after a few in-game days of pure hell, Fallout 4 had randomly decided to make Preston friendly again, out of the blue. The nightmare was over—but Hinckley came ... More

how to keep words on the same line ms powerpoint

31/10/2018 · It's my understanding that in PowerPoint, you cannot save a bullet to a list like you can in Word. So basically, the functionality in Office is not common throughout the programs. So basically, the functionality in Office is not common throughout the programs. ... More

how to get over addiction to internet

Addiction makes a severe impact on a person’s well-being and threatens to destroy their lives. If you think your Internet use is approaching that level of harm, contact your … ... More

how to find melon seeds in minecraft pe

How to germinate gourd seeds-- Luffa, Bottle gourd, Winter melon, Fuzzy melon, bitter melon etc. Growing Gourds Part 1 of 5 - Introduction to Gourds In this series of growing gourds (pumpkins, cucumbers, luffa, melons, gourd family) we will show you how to grow gourds and also talk about various types of ... More

how to make a big fish tank

(That’s right, even at Big Fish we appreciate that small fish can be cool!) But there are a lot of decisions to make if you want to manage your own tank. Some fish need fresh water while others need salt water, and even that won’t make every fish happy – some sea creatures need brackish water, which is in the middle. And if determining the best salinity of fish-tank water isn’t enough ... More

how to go to setting apple tv

Go to Settings > General > Reset, then choose between Reset All Settings (the equivalent of Reset above) or Restore (the equivalent of Reset and Update, although it will be 'Apple TV software ... More

how to get a job at kikki k

Bursting with stationery goodness, kikki.K is looking for Full Time and Part Time Retail Assistants for our soon to open boutique in Gatwick North... 30+ days ago - save job - more... View all kikki.K jobs - Australia jobs ... More

how to find hidden surveillance equipment

For example, not every piece of equipment is built to find every type of surveillance device there is. An RF detector may be able to easily detect radio frequency broadcasts, but if someone's spy camera isn't using RF for transmission, the unit you just bought won't actually do you much good. ... More

how to get mail to apartment australia

For better deals you should get hold of estate agents e-mail addresses, In case you are looking for an apartment, estate agents are the best people to assist you. Many of them have offices in major Australian cities making your job of getting a house easier. It is even possible to establish online chatting with your estate agent enabling you to put your ideas across directly and without ... More

how to find hoes on instagram

This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram. All Instagram™ logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram All Instagram™ logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram ... More

how to get steel project ozone

Installing a ceiling fan is a DIY project that can be completed with the help of this step-by-step Home Depot guide. Learn about ceiling fan installation, including ceiling … ... More

how to find original artist of image

If you’re using a thumbnail and linking to the original location, there is greater likelihood of finding fair use than if you just post the original image. If you’re doing a post about facial features and are just using a portion of the face from an image, you stand a better chance of arguing fair use than if you used the entire image. ... More

how to get sb quick lioden

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB is compact and portable with a similar layout to the premium DDJ-SX and DDJ-SR controllers. Comes with dedicated filters for each channel and a unique filter-fade crossfader setting. ... More

how to get jawline to show

Studies actually show that men who have physical traits like a lean facial structure have better health, a higher income, and are deemed more attractive to the opposite sex. But, there’s a way ... More

how to get the most from lent

Finance Finance Insider Trading’s Odd Couple: The Goldman Banker vpn trop lent and the 1 last update 2019/01/03 . last update NFL Linebacker ... More

how to grow medical weed legally

Consequently, you are not legally allowed to grow any amount of cannabis for either personal or medical use. If you’re indicted with cultivating cannabis (including sowing or planting it), you could end up with up to seven years behind bars, or an immediate jail term of two years and/or a $2,000 fine. The exact penalty will vary depending on the amount you’re growing. ... More

how to get hit as a master

Timer Value - Time delay in milliseconds used by Shot Master to take the shot after releasing the club at the top of the swing. Take the Shot - Click Yes, then pull Club back to desired % Shot Value and release to let Shot Master take the shot automatically for you. ... More

fallout 4 how to give settlers weapons

Halo2ODST2 1095d ago . It would take so long to give good weapons & armor to the majority of settlers, even in one settlement, so I create a task force, form 1 -3 settlers, equipped with the best Combat Armor & weapons (Plasma, Gauss). ... More

how to get 6 in ielts writing

Work with a teacher. Write several sample essays and have them corrected by a teacher. You cannot prepare for the writing section of the IELTS alone, as you have no … ... More

how to get past traffic reports

Local, National and Global weather conditions and forecast, radar, satellite, interactive weather maps, severe weather alerts and weather reports for your professional and personal life. Get free, 24X7 weather brought to you by WSI - 'the disruptive weather company' - and the source of weather for the FAA, hundreds of TV stations, and the nation's top airlines. ... More

fox in garden how to get rid of it

Mammals Questions including "Are there any animals that can chew through PVC pipe" and "What mammal other than humans use computers" ... More

how to know if youve got perforated eardrum

... More

how to get anabolic steroids in canada

How much trouble can a person get into buying prescription drugs from Canada without a prescription? Can you really get prescription medication in Mexico without prescription? How do I get anabolic steroids? How can a person get steroids without getting caught? Is salman on steroids? How does one acquire steroids? Why is insulin considered to be a steroid? How are anabolic steroids made? … ... More

how to get a decent sleep

Some How To Get A Good Deep Sleep and Polar New and sleeping pills may help temporarily but usually do not fix the main problems Does Your Brain Sleep that some people say that is required a larger amount of these herbs make sure that them an excellent effect with Foods To Help Sleep between Does Your Brain Sleep Help With Baby Sleeping with ... More

how to get glue off wood table

I would like to reglue my maple dining room set. I would like to use a very light sort of watery glue that would get way down in the wood, and not just a surface-thick glue that would just glue the upper part of … ... More

how to get pee out of carpet with baking soda

Blindsiding Useful Tips: Carpet Cleaning Business Articles deep carpet cleaning.Dry Carpet Cleaning Products carpet cleaning equipment u.Old Carpet Cleaning Baking Soda. ... More

try to learn how to speak tagalog

Learn how to speak the Tagalog language with Eton Institute's phrasebooks! Tip: Use the transliteration (in red) to perfect your pronunciation. Anno Mar. languages . Filipino Words, Filipino Funny, Filipino Quotes, Filipino Recipes, Half Filipino, Tagalog Words, Tagalog Quotes, Language Study, Language Lessons. Hazel Resurreccion. Learning Tagalog. Filipino Dream Challenge It's … ... More

how to get tribal ryze

13/12/2015 · League of Legends Tribal Ryze Skin Spotlight. Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Ryze on their Tribal Skin in this Spotlight. All footage was taken in Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Ryze on their Tribal Skin in this Spotlight. ... More

halo reach how to get credits fast

Ok this is a tut on how to earn quick credits on halo reach with out modding,hacking,and challenge boosting. Go into a firefight lobby pick score attack in multiplayer. Pick the game mode grunt apocalypse. Get heads… ... More

how to fix xbox one light of death

With the Xbox 360, most deaths were attributed to thermal failure, probably caused by overheating over a few days or weeks of play. The broken PS4s, on the other hand, seem to be dead out of the box. ... More

how to get traffic calming on your street brisbane

3/06/2011 · Traffic Safety through textured awareness strips in the street to alert distracted drivers about upcoming traffic events. Visit www.paverpatch.com for more information. Visit www.paverpatch.com ... More

how to get my music from itunes to ipad

4. Check the box next to "Sync Music" and click the circle next to "Entire music library" or "Selected playlists, artists and genres." Click the boxes next to specific artists, playlists and genres if you want to sync specific music to your iPad. ... More

how to pop flash mid cs go d2

Discussion. There are 7,600 threads in this section, last post 38 minutes ago. ... More

how to get digestive enzymes naturally

Do digestive enzyme supplements like cellulase and pancreatin reduce the body's natural production? Will using digestive enzymes after every meal for 3+ months inhibit my body from producing the enzymes naturally and make me dependent on dige... ... More

how to get abs in 3 months female

I met the “tier 3+” personal trainer at Equinox in Toronto for this article about how to get abs for women. (Although, I’m taking this information with me to the gym, too). Find out what he says we should stop believing, and what we should start doing. ... More

how to tell someone how you feel without hurting them

Or, if your best friend said something to the tune of, “you are a bad friend and you are wrong in how you act,” instead of taking it personally, either find a way to be curious about their opinion or simply say, “I am sorry you feel this way, but I don’t believe these things about myself. We can either choose to disagree or take a breather from each other till things feel a little ... More

how to explain why you declined a job offer

There are some very good reasons to decline a job offer. Basically it comes down to an unavoidable fact: taking a job you’re unhappy with can end badly, and it’s hard to look for another job once you’ve started this new one. ... More

how to keep a warm compress hot

Using a hot compress on your eyes can reduce swelling, increase the blood flow to this sensitive area, and even provide relief from sinus pain. You can make your own hot compress to get the benefits of a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. ... More

how to kill asian tiger mosquitoes

Most mosquitoes can fly no more than one to three miles, and some mosquitoes such as the Asian tiger mosquito have a flight range of just 100 yards or so. So they’re always looking for a place to land or a place to lay eggs, and water is an attractive option. ... More

how to get minority business certification

Minority Funding . How to Get Certified as a Minority-Owned Business. Minority-owned businesses enjoy some significant funding advantages. But in order to tap into minority business funding, it helps to become a certified minority-owned business. ... More

how to get ashes of alar solo

21/06/2011 · You are losing out on amazing benefits because you are not a member. Join for free. Register now. ... More

how to find out who messaged sarahah

Users can block senders of abusive and offensive messages on Sarahah Credit: Sarahah S arahah doesn't let users reply to messages or find out who sent them. Will it lead to online bullying? ... More

how to get bigger lips diy

[ January 4, 2019 ] Apps could monitor teen angst Health News [ January 4, 2019 ] Weight Loss Diet by Dr Shikha Sharma Day 1 Weight Loss Tips ... More

how to find hiders in hide and seak minecraft

26/04/2014 · I think it isn't a good idea to post hiding spots because it makes the game unbalanced (imo) because the seekers know more ways to find hiders and so the hiders wouldn't really get new spots to hide. Vestel1997 , Feb 17, 2014 ... More

how to find time constant in matlab

Recalling that by definition the time constant represents the time it takes the system's response to reach of its total change, can be calculated from the following … ... More

how to get to darkmoon fair

She also mentioned the cave on the Island where I recently wrote about the Darkmoon Rabbit in the upcoming Mists of Pandaria, I was excited to have the opportunity to go on another exploration mission; especially since the Faire is up for another few days. ... More

how to get volvo bus driving licence

17/03/2016 · Download links- Volvo bus mo... These are the steps you should follow to enable the Volvo bus mod with Indian skins. If you have any more doubts, comment below. ... More

how to get white body skin at home

The honey moisturizes the skin, and the lemon whitens the skin. The lemon may cause a stinging sensation on the skin while the mask is on; this is normal. With regular use, skin becomes accustomed to the lemon juice and the stinging sensation lessens. ... More

how to fix a broken charge port

Just this week I had the Charging Port on my s6000 replaced. Though it can be repaired, most shops just want to replace it. You can call around to shops in your area that repair smart phones. ... More

how to get from munich to nuremberg

One Way Flights vs Round Trip Flights from Nuremberg to Munich Prices shown were found by travelers like you over the past 30 days. We have found that there is often no price difference between buying a round trip flight versus a one way flight. ... More

how to get away with giving your wife chlamydia

Is there away a pregnancy can give a false reading? Me and my wife have bee togather for 3 years and have the same situation. Yesterday she went to the OBGYN for routine checkup, she pissed in a cup. Then latter that night took a couple home pregnancy test which came out positve. Today she got a call from the doc say she test positve for chlamydia. So of course we a both pointing fingers ... More

how to find my natwest iban

That's your online banking code, not your account code. OP, either go onto your online banking (If you have it!) or pop into branch and ask for a statement with your account number on it, and it'll be there. ... More

fish with attitude how to breed rare fish

– Fish with Attitude: Rare Unicorn Fish Description. If you want to breed the Rare Unicorn fish then you must use hybrid traits within your breeding process to get the Rare Unicorn fish for your tank. Recommended Combinations include Ecstatic fish such as Ecstatic Model Fish and Ecstatic Designer Fish. Keep in mind that this is an Rare fish. Fish with Attitude: Rare Unicorn Fish ... More

how to get rid of internet tab

20/06/2017 · Hello TravelMan, and welcome to Ten Forums. :) If you mean the "Open Microsoft Edge" tab, then the tutorial below can help show you how to remove it from Internet Explorer. ... More

how to grow penis envy

Thus, our porn-produced penis envy makes men easy prey for penis-enlargement products. You know what I’m talking about – the ones conveniently blinking in bright colors next to your porn video. ... More

how to find friends on instagram without facebook

Hi there! I have been googling for ages, without any result, so now I try hear. I have always been able to search for Facebook friends on Instagram through the iPhone app. ... More

how to get a library card for a child

Get your own library card today— it's free! Babies, kids, and people of all ages can get a free library card! Come in to any of our locations , and bring in identification that shows your name, photo and … ... More

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link between worlds how to get to house of gales

The Vacant House is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. It is the Lorule counterpart of Link's House. Inside, it contains a Treasure Chest with a bottle.

how to know the first letter of my future husband

The breakup was hard, but it was in that experience that I found myself picking up a blank journal, and writing my first letter to my future husband. It was awkward at first. What are you supposed to say to a man you’ve never met, but will eventually know so much about?

how to get rid of dandruff quickly and naturally

As common the problem is, there is host of simple, easy ways you can get rid of your dandruff quickly. Patience and persistence are the only key requirements. Patience and persistence are the only key requirements.

how to find imei on iphone 6

Finally, you can find the OnePlus 6 IMEI by dialing a service code. Turn on the phone, and open the dialer. Enter the code *#06#. The IMEI will be displayed. …

how to get gas connected to my house

16/07/2012 · It cost me about $600 to run gas line to there and to connect in to the stove (gas cook top, electric fan forced oven) and to connect a Rinnai Energy Saver heater in place of the solid fuel heater. We also spent about $6,000 for a Brivis gas central heating system for the rest of the house (weird design, this house, couldn't do the extension).

wow how to get pristine atgunite

9/02/2015 · MMORPG-Life.com is a network site dedicated to massively multiplayer games with the aim to give you the best online gaming resources on the web.

You can find us here:

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Northern Ireland: Derry (Londonderry) NIR, Derry (Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 7H4

Scotland: Dunfermline SCO, Livingston SCO, Livingston SCO, Glasgow SCO, Livingston SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 6B6

Wales: Barry WAL, Cardiff WAL, Neath WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 8D4